All About Prepping Your Inventory

You’ll have to get your products ready for shipment and storage at an Amazon FC (Fulfillment Center). This is called Preparation or Prep. What and how much you will have to do will depend on the product, and how you’ve decided to manage your inventory. You will be labeling, bagging, boxing and generally protecting your … Read more

Musings on the Buy Box

The basic premise of the Buy Box is that Amazon wants the Buyer to have the best shopping experience. This experience is measured against Amazon, then compared to other Sellers. FBA is not required, but a Professional Account is. For example, Seller A has a Positive Feedback Score of 100%, but only has 12 Feedbacks. … Read more

Trade Show Attendance Tips

(I originally wrote this a couple of years ago for a group of Amazon Sellers on the FaceBook Group, My Silent Team. I am also a paid coach for the My Silent Team company headed up by Jim Cockrum. He is the creator and main leader for the Proven Amazon Course (PAC), the best ecommerce … Read more

Productivity — If You Can Do It!

Do you need some help with motivation to get stuff done? I don’t know about you, but I sometimes (often… always…) have a tough time getting things done, especially important stuff. We get our Amazon business stuff done, me reluctantly, Sandi relentlessly. I am able to walk by important farm stuff and in my mind… … Read more

Printing Item Labels

There are several labels available for printing. Today, I’ll cover the item FNSKU labels. There are 2 ways to “label” your inventory: Manufacturer’s Barcode, and Amazon Barcode. You choose which method when creating or converting FBA listings. Amazon creates your FNSKU # when your item is listed for FBA. If you chose Manufacturer’s barcode, then … Read more

Don’t Run Your Business with FEAR

I talk with many new and veteran Amazon Sellers. It is common for the new ones to be reluctant to start or keep going because they are afraid. Afraid to make a mistake, to buy certain products for fear of getting their account banned, afraid to try something because they don’t know how to do … Read more

How to Ship Amazon Merchant Fulfilled, eBay, and Etsy Orders

Selling on eBay, Etsy, or on Amazon as Merchant Fulfilled (MF or FBM) is an easy way to add additional revenue to your business. But, it means that you have to ship all the individual orders to the customer. It isn’t hard, but can appear intimidating. I can show it to you. Shipping Supplies First, … Read more

This Is How We Ship It

In the Process of Find It, List It, Ship It, Repeat, it’s time to share how we do our Ship It. We have developed a couple of processes to make it go faster. I build a “Ship List” of things to ship this week. It’s a Word doc with a table to organize our shipping. … Read more

Sales Have Slowed Down After Q4. What Do I Do Now?

We, like most of you, had a pretty outstanding Q4 sales. We beat last year and for the whole year beat last year by 20% or better. Profitble? Yes. But here comes February and the inevitable sales slowdown after Q4. What should you do to boost sales? Do what I do. Find It. Keep finding … Read more

Amazon’s Virtual Bundle for Brand Registry FBA

A few months ago, Amazon announced a new feature for Brand Registry FBA Sellers: Virtual Bundles. I’ve known about them since then, but only recently took at a look for a client. Virtual Bundles really look useful for those of us with several ASINs in FBA that look to be complimentary. In a typical Bundle … Read more